Welcome to ebica International Primary School

Jayne Pirson

Jayne Pirson

Principal of the Primary school

The Primary years at ebica international primary school in France are a unique and fulfilling experience. Indeed, during these years, the children are the centre of our bilingual teaching in order for them to start building their own life, at their own pace and with self-confidence.

Thanks to our differentiated and individualised teaching, and thanks to the PYP (Primary Years Programme), your children will study in a positive and stimulating environment, and will be encouraged to develop their curiosity and willingness to learn so that they can reach their full potential.

Aware of what is happening in the world around them, they will develop their academic skills at the same time as their cooperation and teamwork skills. They will live different and unique experiences which will help them be ready for the 21st century, a world of everlasting changes.

The Primary teaching team is a team full of experienced and motivated teachers. Open minded and coming from a wide range of different backgrounds, all our teachers aim for the success of each child.
Available, our teachers will share with you the most important school life moments of your children, and will know how to cater for their needs by adapting their teaching.