Welcome to ebica International middle school

Mélanie Laroche

Mélanie Laroche

Secondary Principal, IBDP Coordinator

Ebica is not just a school, but a family with a warm heart, one in which each student and family feels at home. Our curriculum and education give students the very best start in life, preparing each of them to build the necessary skills to be successful in their lives.

At ebica, students feel confident and are happy to learn. Our programme is student-centered and holistic, focusing on each pupil as an individual. We ensure that each student is well prepared and has the necessary tools for success in this ever-changing and competitive world.

We are proud of the trust and the partnership that links students, teachers and parents. This virtuous circle of communication is the key to our success.

I invite you to visit our school and see all the amazing things taking place!

Ebica teachers are given access to:

Ongoing professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Innovative and diverse education frameworks, unit planners, teaching resources and evaluation tools.

A positive pedagogy known to produce students who are motivated to continue inquiry and lifelong learning, beyond school study.

Ebica teachers:

Centre all teaching on learners.

Develop effective approaches to teaching and learning.

Work within global contexts, helping students understand and respect different languages and cultures.

Explore significant content, developing disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding that meets rigorous international standards.

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